Monthly Archives: September 2013

How to recover from a physical injury and avoid depression

Did you experience a recent physical injury that made you let yourself go? Then it’s time to enroll in Life Fitness Physical Therapy to get yourself back into shape, help you recover and encourage you to live life to the fullest. At Life Fitness Physical Therapy we work hard to provide our patients individualized treatment […]

Physical Therapy Improves Ergonomics Westminster

Do you find yourself in pain as you move, sit or work? You can find relief with physical therapy.  Here at Life Fitness Physical Therapy we offer physical therapy that focuses on improving ergonomics Westminster. With a proper evaluation of your work conditions, we can teach you how to move and work comfortably and safely […]

Fitness Catonsville : Can physical therapy assist with weight loss?

Have you experienced a big weight gain after a physical injury? Then it’s time to get it under control with Life Fitness Physical Therapy Catonsville. Physical therapy is all about maintaining good health and improving your body’s conditioning and functioning. If your physical ability has been limited, there are therapeutic exercises you can learn about […]

Physical Therapy Dundalk helps with pain reduction

Have you been experiencing excoriating pain? Then it’s time for physical therapy at Life Fitness Physical Therapy Dundalk. Physical therapy is a treatment designed to relieve physical pain, heal your body of injury and restore normal function / movement post-injury. Often a medical doctor will recommend physical therapy to you after surgery or during the […]