Monthly Archives: November 2014

Can My Carpal Tunnel be Treated with Physical Therapy?

If you have a job that demands using a computer and typing most of the day and have recently found yourself experiencing pain or numbness in your hand, wrist, or arm, you might have CTS, or carpal tunnel syndrome. CTS can also be developed if you work in an assembly line, or can be caused […]

Treating Dance Injuries with Physical Therapy

As effortless as it may appear, dancing is one of the most strenuous physical activities in which you can participate. A dancer’s body needs to be in top shape in order to get through practices and performances, and an injury can all-too-easily put a stop to this. Read on to discover more about some common […]

Sports Star’s Injury Points to PT Need

Whether they’ve been affecting your fantasy football scores or simply holding back your favorite teams from doing well this season, it is undeniable that injuries in professional sports have been taking their toll on athletes lately. One of the most recent reports comes from Chicago Bears star Brandon Marshall, who during a game against the […]

I’m Already In Shape- Do I Need Physical Therapy?

When people hear the word “therapy,” they most often think of it as a solution to an existing problem or issue. Therapy in all of its forms can certainly be that; it provides treatment and rehabilitation for people suffering from a wide range of things. But it may be time to start thinking of therapy […]