Monthly Archives: October 2014

As You Age, Balance Training Becomes More Important

ounger bones and muscles tend to bounce back relatively quickly from most common injuries. While a severe fracture or pull might have long-term effects, the majority of everyday injuries only require rest and rehabilitation to make a full recovery. But while this may be the general rule for young people, as we get older, our […]

Staying Fit with Physical Therapy

When you get an injury, you may be used to following the rules of “RICE”, also know as rest, ice, compression, and elevation. However, more studies have been conducted, proving that keeping active while treating your injury is actually more effective. While you are resting your injury, you’re also resting the rest of your body. […]

Injuries in Youth Sports: A Growing Trend?

Now that school has been back in session for a while, more and more youth sports teams are gearing up for their competitive seasons. Participating in a school or club team has many benefits for young teens: it gives them a great opportunity to socialize, to practice new skills, to exercise, and to gain a […]

How Physical Therapy Corrects Posture

You may have gotten sick of hearing your parents tell you to “sit up straight!” as a child, but would you believe that they were actually right? Good posture is an important part of your body’s overall health and wellness. Unfortunately, many of us today suffer from bad posture: we sit at desks all day, […]

Improve your Range of Motion with Dundalk Physical Therapy

Let’s face it: some of us are simply not as active as we could be. Due to the demands of our jobs and life outside of work, we often overlook the importance of regular exercises. But this can end up working against us: our bodies are designed to do certain types of work, and if […]