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Weight Loss Through a Physical Therapy Routine

The power of a well-planned and well-defined physical therapy routine can have a large number of effects beyond simply healing a major injury. Proper physical therapy can lead to a body that is stronger overall, better mental health, and even noticeable and healthy weight loss. The process is no longer reserved for those with severe […]

Your New Year’s Resolution: Weight Loss with Physical Therapy!

A new year means time for new resolutions, and the goal at the top of most everyone’s list is getting back into shape. Here at Life Fitness Physical Therapy, our priorities are making sure that you are in perfect condition to take on your everyday challenges, whether it be walking to the grocery store or […]

How is Physical Therapy Related to Weight Loss?

There are many factors that can either contribute to an injury or prevent you from successfully recovering from one. One of these factors is weight; your weight is directly related to your overall health and wellbeing, and so it is just as vital as any other component of your physical therapy treatment. Life Fitness Physical […]

How can Rosedale Physical Therapy help me lose weight for Summer Vacation?

Are you trying to lose weight just in time for summer vacation? You can start losing weight by enrolling yourself in Rosedale physical therapy. How can a Rosedale physical therapy program help you lose weight for Summer? It’s simple. Your Rosedale certified physical therapists can motivate you to stick to a regular exercise program. When your […]

Prevent Weight Loss Roadblocks with Physical Therapy

When you’re focusing on weight loss it can seem like a never ending struggle, but you can get into shape if you know how to overcome roadblocks. Going to Physical Therapy Westminster can help you get your life on track by teaching you safe and effective ways to exercise. Often people come to physical therapy […]

How Physical Therapy prepares for healthy weight loss

Are you searching for ways to lose weight during the holidays? Physical Therapy can help you get through the challenging times of your body’s transformation. When we refer to the challenging times, we are not only acknowledging the physical fitness efforts. We are acknowledging how you will feel watching your body transform week after week. […]

Fitness Catonsville : Can physical therapy assist with weight loss?

Have you experienced a big weight gain after a physical injury? Then it’s time to get it under control with Life Fitness Physical Therapy Catonsville. Physical therapy is all about maintaining good health and improving your body’s conditioning and functioning. If your physical ability has been limited, there are therapeutic exercises you can learn about […]