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What to Expect From Physical Therapy

Most people think physical therapy (PT) is a short visit to a magical doctor and your pain will instantly go away. Unfortunately that is not the case. PT isn’t just about what happens in the office but about the people behind the scenes and taking care of things yourself when you are at home. Keeping […]

How can physical fitness help me feel stronger in 2014?

If you’re searching for ways to be a healthier and fitter you in 2014, you can start on your journey to better living by enrollment yourself in a physical therapy program. A physical therapy program is essential to living a healthier lifestyle because it will give you the opportunity to educate yourself about the proper […]

Can physical therapy and healthy eating keep you well?

If you are worried about the holiday dinners taking a toll on your physical well being, it’s time to take control of your physical fitness during the holiday season and well after. To maintain good health we need to eat plenty of fruits, vegetables and leaner meats. We also need to regularly exercise. You can […]

How Physical Therapy prepares for healthy weight loss

Are you searching for ways to lose weight during the holidays? Physical Therapy can help you get through the challenging times of your body’s transformation. When we refer to the challenging times, we are not only acknowledging the physical fitness efforts. We are acknowledging how you will feel watching your body transform week after week. […]