Columbia Physical Therapy Rehabilitation: Healing From Work Injuries

Have you been recently injured on the job? If yes, the Life Fitness Physical Therapy Workers’ Compensation Columbia Rehabilitation Program can help you speedily recover.

Life Fitness Physical Therapy is here to tell you about the great benefits physical therapy can offer you as an injured worker.

Here at Life Fitness, our physical therapy rehabilitation program provides the equipment and customer support needed to safely and quickly return injured workers back to the workplace.

What does the Workers’ Compensation/ Rehabilitation Program feature?

Life Fitness Physical Therapy features for the Workers’ Compensation Columbia program are:

  • Physical Therapy Preventative Injury Measures
  • Post Injury Rehabilitation And Safety
  • Co-develop Programs Designed For Expediting the return of Workers
  • Reduce future injury costs

It is beneficial for injured workers to go for physical therapy for three reasons:

  1. Injured workers will maximize their coping skills.
  2. To increase the likelihood of returning to normal physical activity levels.
  3. To improve functional capacity.

The best outcomes happen when physical therapy intervention is started shortly after physical injury.

When physical therapy occurs early in the recovery process, injured workers experience less pain and swelling as they recover.

Life Fitness physical therapists will examine you for any physical deficits post injuries and prepare you to meet the required work demands of your job.

The physical therapy plan for the Workers’ Compensation Columbia program includes:

  • Cardiovascular exercise
  • Stretching
  • Strengthening
  • And Physical Therapy Education

Let us help you get back to work – manual therapy, therapeutic exercises, prescriptive exercises, functional movement training and more.

Learn more about Life Fitness Physical Therapy’s Workers’ Compensation Columbia/Rehabilitation Services today.

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