Physical Therapy Towson : The Benefits of Astym Treatment and The Graston Technique

Have you recently suffered an acute injury or chronic injury in Towson, Maryland? If yes, Life Fitness Physical Therapy Towson is here to help you treat your injury without the need of a surgical fix.

Life Fitness Physical Therapy can treat your injuries with The Astym/ Graston Technique.

The Graston Technique can relieve some of your frustration on your rehabilitation progress after surgery and for conventional physical therapy.

The Graston Technique uses physical therapy tools to follow through a massage process that breaks up adhesion between scar tissues and tissue surrounding muscles and tendons.

The physical therapy tools used are stainless steel instruments by our Physical Therapy Towson specialists.

As for ASTYM, this is a form of tissue manipulation that promotes the body to naturally regenerate by resorbing and remodeling tissue.

This type of physical therapy has minimum pain because Astym treatment induces fibroblast activation and macrophage mediated phagocytosis.

Control your pain; improve your body strength and functionality today at our Physical Therapy Towson location .

Here at Life Fitness Physical Therapy Towson we use the manual therapy technique of ASTYM and Graston to create a healing response for your dysfunctional tissues.

Learn about our ASTYM/Graston physical therapy services today.

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