Rosedale Orthopedics For Sprains

Have you recently experienced a sprain? If yes, Life Fitness Physical Therapy Rosedale Orthopedics programs are here to heal that stretched or torn ligament.

What commonly causes a sprain?
Falling, twisting or a hit can cause a ligament to sprain. The most common sprains are ankle and wrist sprains.

You will notice you have a sprain when you experience pain, swelling and bruising from your ligament and you cannot comfortably move your joint. Although you can begin to treat a sprain by resting the injured ligament, eventually you will have to begin physical therapy to fully recover. When a sprain is left untreated, your body could experience long-term problems such as an inversion sprain of the ankle or an eversion sprain.

Rehabilitation of a sprained ankle will include exercise of flexibility, motion and strength. Maintenance exercises will be required and you will have to slowly progress to more challenging activities such as tennis, basketball and football.

You should immediately see a health care provider for your sprain when:

  • You are unable to comfortably put weight on your injured joint.
  • Your ligament appears crooked or features lumps/bumps.
  • You can’t take anymore than four steps without severe pain.
  • Your limb buckles.
  • You feel numbness.
  • There are visible red streaks coming from the injured area.

What happens during the rehabilitation process?
The objective for physical therapy rehabilitation is restoring the sprain/ injured area to its original function. This restoration begins with an exercise program designed for relieving the injured area of stiffness and improving the motion, flexibility and strength of the injured area.

For example, individuals with knee injuries and foot injuries will focus on weight bearing and balancing exercises. Learn about Life Fitness Physical Therapy’s Rosedale Orthopedics and Physical Therapy for sprains.

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